The original Wichtel beer: self-brewed, unfiltered, naturally cloudy, additive-free, special flavour.

All Wichtel beers are served in 0.3- and 0.5-litre glasses, as well as in a 1-litre tankard and a 1.5-litre pitcher.



Freshly brewed is more than just freshly drawn: The light Pilsner, the dark wheat beer and the seasonal specials – produced in our own brewery at Wichtel according to the 1516 German Purity Law for Beer and to Wichtel’s secret recipe, with selected ingredients and clear, fresh water. That‘s what makes Wichtel beer simply incomparable.

Natural taste, the original art of brewing, honest indulgence of beer. That‘s what our naturally cloudy beers are like. Since 1989. Anyone who’s tried it, loves it.