The beer, which you can enjoy freshly-drawn at the Wichtel is self-brewed. It’s unfiltered and has its own, effervescent taste.



If you enter a Wichtel craft brewery, the first thing you notice is the big copper brewing kettle. Glistening and mighty it stands in the room, surrounded by all the people who meet here in order to try what was created in its belly: the Wichtel beer.
But a lot of things we do to brew our original naturally cloudy Wichtel beers – the light Pilsner and the dark wheat beer – happens outside the field of vision. Our brewers also get support from our modern high-tech brewing equipment. At the central control desk, they keep on top of all processes in order to achieve a continuous high quality. So that we can serve you a beer which probably doesn‘t exist like this anywhere else. At least that’s what some of our guests say. And we’re happy to believe them.