The Wichtel beer has friends beyond the local borders. We’ve had guests from all over the world. We often receive news from far away guests writing about how much they enjoyed the Wichtel beer (and how much they miss it). That makes us happy and also a little bit proud.



At the Wichtel you exclusively drink beer which we have brewed ourselves. That means we know exactly what you get: an exquisite beer, masterfully brewed and perfectly poured.
We are proud of our Wichtel beer. We have been brewing to the Wichtel recipe since 1989. We know exactly what’s in it. And what isn’t. That’s why the Wichtel beer is brewed only with the best hops and malt, and it remains absolutely unfiltered.
For a beer which contains only good ingredients.
And as the big copper brewing kettle stands in the middle of the pub, you can witness our brewers at work. So you can be sure that you always have good, fresh brewing culture poured into your glass.